• Hookstick - Sparkles

    Hookstick - Sparkles

    Hookstick -  Sparkles - from the album "Refugee"

    Sassy funky version of "When Tomorrow Comes", turning a soft ballad into a suggestive Macy Gray -style funtrack. Great vocal by Kes C. Elements of blues combined with soft pop and a standout bassline.



  • Hookstick -Watch This Space

    Hookstick -Watch This Space

    Hookstick -  Love Dream - from the album "Refugee"

     Upbeat pop funk track. Wild ad lib section by Kes C, a driving slap bass and an unbelievable middle eight solo by Tom Stedman, mirroring the improv. vocals. Just great musicians having great fun, and it shows!




Image (kindly provided) by Mike Winkelmann

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