About Us

Noochoon is a game-changer as record labels go, supporting and distributing the music of some unique and highly original bands. We are less interested in genre and more focused on songs and tracks as a means of communication, as something which can make a personal connection with listeners – with not so much focus on the visual, except when it comes to our bands’ live performances, that is! Music we publish is created in an AI Free environment where every part is generated from music-writing skills, with lyrical passion and an eye on the purpose of the music being delivered.

All of our music can be performed live, but, aside from that, it’s far from conventional or traditional. Clear cut retro references get combined in our projects with very wobbly and blurry looking new ideas, we aim to make up for the grinding stagnation in some commercial music worlds and replace it with something which – wow – is not aimed at a target market!

Noochoon (™ 2010) was established in 2006 and is now a limited company.

Henry’s Machine, Misinjin, Little Ryos, Fluance and Hookstick.

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Key staff and influences

Main decision-makers at Noochoon are Jane and Philip Lane, with Jenni Lane as a significant influencer.

We work in a wide variety of genres, but have a strong background in pop, prog, punk, soul and psychedelia. But to be exact, we are less interested in genre labels and more in the function and flow of the music. For this reason, we are more likely to promote music as “Noochoon” music than a genre. Noochoon music is new in some way – whether it’s just done differently or doesn’t make an exact fit. That’s what we like.

Where we are

We’re based in New Brighton, on the Wirral within sight of Liverpool across the water. It’s a bold and inspiring choice for location, in an area which is so full of character and promise.