Lane and Lane Songwriters

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The colours of composition.

Jane and Philip Lane (Lane and Lane) are a songwriting and music production duo who are the core writers for Noochoon. We write and arrange whole songs, either for our own bands and projects, or to order for commissions. Between us, we’ve had many decades of experience in music development, production, performance and publishing. We enjoy working musically with people of all ages and backgrounds, and Jane is multilingual. The larger part of our working lives living in a studio environment and contributing to its musical needs.

So, we

  1. work with our own music
  2. collaborate
  3. work on music that is already created.

We’ve recently had three significant and inspiring projects, although we offer songwriting in a wide variety of genres and styles. As time goes by, we are less interested in genre, and more involved in music as a means of communication, motivation and expression.

Our Projects

The first project was Henry’s Machine, a series of standalone tracks featuring singers Kerri-Anne Collins, Jenni Lane and Sam Gomm, supported by Jane and Phil, which completed in 2015 and had a few performances. This project took us into the realms of electro, punk, rock,ballad, electro-dance and electro-reggae. As a result it became a thrilling and challenging process where there seemed no boundaries to the sounds we created.

The second project was Hookstick, a virtuoso based band with a joyful set of tracks in a genre we came to call pop funk. This album again featured Kes, with Jane and Phil, joined by Tom Stedman on guitar, Jonny Welburn on drums and Rachel Townend on bass. Despite the rock origins of several significant band members, the whole project stays well within the realms of pop and pop funk/ soul/reggae. Hookstick launched in 2017 and again toured briefly.

Our most recent project has been Fluance, a prog. rock based band featuring Duncan Mackay on keys, Phil on vocals and bass for the latter tracks, Jane on piano, Marty Prior on bass for earlier tracks and Jonny Welburn on drums Guitarists have been Tom Stedman and, latterly, Mauritz Lotz. Fluance is currently active, although we’re based on different continents. After the first album, Lunacy, we are presently involved in a sequel called “Narratives.


How we create music

We write to order, and are happy to hear from performers who need fresh bespoke material or would like to take on one of our tracks. We may provide original songs for a project free from initial writing fees, and discount distribution heavily, if we decide that the project merits it.

Very new to New Brighton, Wallasey, we are currently working on songwriting material inspired by the changes of the past few years, and the massive impact of the move and this Brave New World on the banks of the Mersey.