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This is the home of Noochoon – cool tunes from where you least expect. Stunning new music riding the heartbeat of the world as we see it unfold. Noochoon Record Label and Music Production Services for Liverpool and Merseyside.

Please tune into our Podcast or search our shop for quirky and original tracks and track ideas, and to hear music you instantly relate to…although with a lot of twists and new stuff you weren’t most likely planning for 🙂

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An Independent Label

Independent record labels are the beating heart of the music industry, forging their path amid the beats and melodies. Far removed from the towering structures of major corporations, our label is a sanctuary of creativity, a playground for maverick artists seeking freedom and expression.

We’re the underdogs, the risk-takers, fostering raw talent that might otherwise be overlooked by the mainstream. We embrace diversity, welcoming sounds that defy convention, birthing genres that challenge the status quo. Our ethos isn’t just about the music. It’s about the stories woven into every note, the passion seeping through each track.

We operate with a personalized touch, nurturing artists like cherished family members. It’s not just about business deals and contracts; it’s about belief in the artist’s vision. We offer guidance, not control, allowing musicians to grow authentically and organically.

We are rebels, carving a niche in a landscape dominated by giants, proving that success isn’t measured by Billboard charts alone but by the profound connection between artist and audience.

Our legacy lies not just in the albums we produce but in the communities we foster, the dreams we nurture, and the artists we empower.

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